Specialization:                                       - ski

Region:                                                   - The Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent region.

Geographic area: -                                  Western Tien Shan, Ugam Chatkal National Park.

Season:                                                    - January, February, March.

The optimal number of participants:  - 15.


The Western Tien Shan Mountains has a mild climate and moderate temperature as in summer as well as in winter. The average temperature in January at the altitude of 1000 m. above the sea level is 2 -4 degrees. Precipitation in the mountains falls significantly more than in the surrounding flatland that is why the mountains are so snowy in winter. The air temperature during the day in winter is average – (minus) 2 degrees, the lowest temperature can be – (minus) 15 degrees. Most precipitation falls to mid-December, creating a steady snow cover thickness of about 1.5-2m. The number of sunny days is about 4-5 days in a week. Variety of slopes, their steepness, length and favorable winter conditions allows making numerous slopes on Skies and Snowboards on the virgin snow. We have the slopes for all levels of skiing. Our guides with experience over 15 years will arrange slopes in different parts of the Western Tien Shan for you, which are not accessible for ordinary skiers. Depending on snow cover, routes of slopes will be held at altitudes of 4100 m to 1500 m, with peaks and ridges where you will be delivered by experienced pilots of the helicopter Mi-8 MTV. During the day you can make 4 - 5 slopes on virgin snow, which is 5 - 7 km. vertically.For the entire tour, with good snow cover one may ski 25-30 vertical kilometers.

You are a healthy person, who owns well the ski technique and eager to reach dizzying slopes from inaccessible vertices? Then this tour is just for you!!!    



Day 1 (Sat)- Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting at the airport. Transfer (2 hours) to the complex "Charvak Oromgohi" (Pyramids). Accommodation. Preparation of ski equipment, safety training during the Heliski tour.   


Days 2 - 6 (Tues. - Thurs.)- Program of Heliski (the ski area on the slopes of varying steepness, difficulty and length).


         Day Schedule:                      08:30               Breakfast.

                                                       09:30               Departure to the ski area.

                                                       10:00 -16:00  Skiing with a break for lunch and rest.

                                                       16:30              Return to the hotel. Rest.

                                                       19:00                Dinner.

Day 7 (Fri)- Skiing in the first half of the day. Transfer to Tashkent. Accommodation at the hotel. Finalbanquet.

Day 8 (Sat)- Transfer to the airport. DeparturefromTashkent. 


Price and terms of payment:


     The price includes:

-  Meeting and seeing off at the airport, and all group transfers according to the program;

-  Accommodation in twin (standard) rooms:

    Tashkent Hotel "Uzbekistan" 4 * (supplement for single occupancy);

    hotel in the mountains "Charvak Oromgohi" 3 * (supplement for single occupancy);

- 3 meals a day: breakfast and dinner in the restaurant of the hotel, lunch in the field.

    The standard menu of lunch: hot soup, cold cooked meat or chicken, sausage, cheese,

   smoked meat, tomatoes, cucumbers, hot tea, coffee, biscuits, chocolate, sweets,

    mineral water, fruits.

    If you are a vegetarian, please notify us in advance.

- 2 mountain guides;

- Escort from the company


The price does not include:

- The cost of the visa and consular services (for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan visa is not required);

- Individual transfers;

- Rent ski and snowboard equipment;

- The cost of evacuation in case of emergency;

- Food and drinks which are not included in the group menu;

-Additional costs caused by bad weather conditions, changes in the schedules of flights;


Required documents:

- Copies of passports (should be provided in at least one month);

- Certificate of employment, indicating the position (if visa support is necessary);

- Insurance (with coverage of at least USD12,000 );


Hotel "Charvak Oromgohi" 3 * (Pyramids)

Is a basic hotel for the program Heliski, because there are two equipped helipads.

The hotel is located on the southern shore of Charvak reservoir in 80 km from Tashkent, at an altitude of 1000 meters, in the Ugam-Chatkal National Park

The hotel consists of 3 modern buildings made ​​in the form of pyramids, with a large territory which is guarded day and night.

The hotel has 208 rooms of four types: standard, Half Lux, Luxury, VIP. All rooms are equipped with climate control setting.

The clean mountain air, turquoise water of the reservoir surrounded by picturesque mountains of Western Tien Shan, all the necessary infrastructure: bars, restaurants, conference halls, indoor swimming pool, sauna, billiards, bowling alley with 8 lanes, create ideal conditions for rest.


Program in case of bad weather:

- In case of "non-flying" weather it is possible to ski on the slopes of Chimgan and Beldersay which are 15 kilometers from Charvaq;

- Excursions to Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara are possible.


The company «A.S.T.» pays great attention to ensuring the safety. We work with the best guides of Uzbekistan, who have been trained and are constantly working to improve their skills. They are equipped with all necessary safety equipment within the program in the Heli-ski, thoroughly aware of all of the proposed routes. The group is accompanied by at least two guides, they constantly assess the state of the snow cover. Guides select suitable areas for downhill skiing, based on this assessment and taking into account the level of the group’s skiing.

We use the helicopter "MI-8 MTV" made in Russia. The helicopter can carry 16 people with skiing equipment. Pilots have 15-18 years of flying experience, well acquainted with the skiing areas and especially with the flights on the mountains. There is all necessary rescue transportation equipment in the helicopter.


Equipment: Ski (snowboard), suit, thermal underwear, gloves, glasses, helmet, backpack, a


While skiing all program participants should have beeper with them.


Brief description of ski areas:

1. Summit area of ​​Padar (Pskem ridge).

The maximum height of landing is 3564 m. Height of helicopter’s brace is 1500 m.  Maximum elevation for single slope is 2060 m. Minimum elevation for single slope is 800 m. There are 4 options of slopes.

2. Ravine region Ispay (Pskem ridge).

The maximum height of landing is 3600 m. Height of helicopter’s brace is 1900m. Maximum elevation for a single slope is 1,700 m. Minimum elevation for a single slope is 800 meters. There are 6 options of slopes.



3. The summit region Tavalgan, Kaptarkumushsay (Pskem ridge).

The maximum height of landing is 3500 m. Height of helicopter’s brace is 1600. Maximum elevation for a single slope is 1900m. Minimum elevation for a single slope is 800 m. There are 6 options of slopes.

4. Lake area Ihnach (Pskem ridge).

The maximum height of landing is 3800 m. Height of helicopter’s brace is 2000 - 2200 m.  Maximum elevation for a single slope is 1800 m.  Minimum elevation for a single slope is 1200m.

There are12 options of slopes in two neighboring ravines. . 

5. Summit Area Big Chimgan (Chatkal Ridge).

The maximum height of landing is 3309 m.  Height of helicopter’s brace is 1600 m Maximum elevation for a single slope is 1709 m.  Minimum elevation for a single slope is 700 m. There are 4 options of slopes.  

6. River area Arashan (Chatkal Ridge).

The maximum height of landing is 3800 m.  Height of helicopter’s brace is 1800 m.  Maximum elevation for a single slope is 2000 m.  Minimum elevation for a single slope is 1000 m.  There are 4 options of slopes.