Aktau, which lies between the desert and the Caspian Sea, one of the world's largest settlements located in places where human life seems almost impossible. This city did not exist until 1963, when there suddenly appeared in an exemplary wide and straight streets, cultural institutions, desalination plants, gardens and parks.
This miracle occurred after a nearby uranium deposits have been found. Thanks to its sandy shores of this city also has developed and how the private resort for the Soviet elite. Improbability of the existence of Aktau increased by the fact that it lies hundreds of miles from any other city, and not connected by any decent roads (the majority of traffic carried by sea) to any point in Kazakhstan. Neighborhood of the city (in places where there are no pits), replete with unique desert landscapes Mangyshlak plateau - erosion and desert so corroded solid rocks that were formed thousands of tiny canyons, miniature mountain ranges and dozens of deep depressions filled with supersaturated with salt water.