Bishkek. The capital of the Kyrgyz Republic, has been known since VII. settlement as Julie (Blacksmith Fortress). In 1825, a fortress was founded Kokand Pishpek posted the largest garrison in the Chui Valley. Double (4 September 1860 and October 24, 1862) was captured by Russian troops. In November 1862 it was destroyed, and in its place two years later was installed Cossack picket, and then there began to gather market. In 1868 the village was founded Pishpek. April 29, 1878 in connection with the transfer in the center of the county Pishpek granted city status. In October 1924 became the administrative center of the Kara-Kirghiz Autonomous Region. From May 1925 - the administrative center of the Kyrgyz Autonomous Region. In 1926 renamed Frunze in honor of a native of the city, Soviet military leader Mikhail Frunze. In 1936 Frunze - the capital of Kirghizia. In 1991, after independence, the Kyrgyz Republic, the city was renamed Bishkek. According to one version of the new name comes from the mythical hero of the Bishkek-Batir, who lived in this mesnosti in the XVIII century. According to another - from the consonance of words Pishpek (first name) and Bishkek (kitchen utensils, a stick for stirring kumys).