Mashad-MESTORIAN (or Mashhad-Misrian). The desert area in western Turkmenistan. Medieval settlement Dahistana, a city that existed at the beginning of the X-XIII century, then in the XIV-XV centuries. (now only a part of its territory), then in connection with the decline of irrigation in its life was extinguished. Rectangle covered fort ramparts, marking two rows of old walls and moat. Inside and outside the fortifications are visible traces of neighborhoods, industrial and residential buildings, caravanserai, places of worship, as well as a vast cemetery of Mashad, where stands a few mausoleums.



MINARETS Ahmed Abu Jafar (the North). 1004/05, the architect Ali Bini Ziyyad. Round, tapering upward stem on which surface of the brickwork slaughtered two of Kufic inscriptions losami, carved out of bricks, the top decorated with a wide belt of geometric ornament. Mosque and minaret Khwarizmshah Muhammed. Start the XIII century. Builders and craftsmen decor Husayn ibn Muhammad al-Naka, and Muhammad al-Husayn al-Naka. The mosque was columned courtyard type, with galleries. Retained its dilapidated portal slender proportions, finish that combines the texture of the brick masonry with a rich ornamental decoration of figured hewn bricks with blue glaze accents. Dominated by stylized floral motifs and inscriptions neshi hand, where the names are mentioned Khorezmshah and craftsmen. MINARETS located near the angle of the mosque. He kruglostvolny, his smooth brickwork at the top end and a broad band of ornamental Kufi inscription, made of hewn blocks.



IX-X centuries., Additions on the northern facade - XII century. and later. The mosque at the burial of Sheikh Ali ibn Sukkar. This centric dome building built out of raw sugar. Outside the cube-shaped housing is terraced spheroid transition to the dome. The interior has a three-part division: panel, wall, advanced sail design cupola. In the niche of the mihrab, the panel remains of the dome of the rich carved piece with stylized floral motifs and inscriptions in Arabic Kufic script writing. Around the mosque to the cemetery are nameless mausoleum (XI-XII centuries). Built of baked bricks. They oktogonalnye or circular in plan, heavy proportions, covered domes have very advanced arched entrances.