Southern Tajikistan

Pakhtaabad. PODSHO-PIRIM. XV-XX centuries. The architectural complex in the cemetery at the burial of a certain Shah Jalil, or hem-Pirima ("King Tutor"). In the yard of a mosque open mnogokupolnaya (XX century.) Auxiliary buildings and Darwaza (gate) leading to the cemetery, where stands the main shrine, the mausoleum of the PODSHO-PIRIM (XVv.).


Regar. Hodge NAHSHRON, MAUSOLEUM. XI / XII at.; XV century. Regar Cemetery near.



Hodge DURBAD, a mausoleum. XI-XII centuries. At the cemetery, south of Shaartuz. Portal-domed tomb of a square plan with an octagonal room.




Hodge-Mashad. XI-XII centuries. Syed near Celo Shaartuz. The architectural complex that combines the two mausoleums and madrassas. East mausoleum, perhaps earlier, all of its facades are solved the same way. On the western front of the mausoleum facade is highlighted. The two buildings combined portal arch. Ahead of the mausoleums is also chetyrehayvanny yard, where excavation revealed at the base of round towers.