The Settlement of the same name near the village. Its origin relates to the ancient time. In VI VII centuries. Sarahs-great city, circled pahsovymi powerful walls and towers and a moat. In the IX-XII centuries. it is transformed into a citadel, this time erected new fortifications, near which grow large, covered the walls and the outer shahristan rabad. In the XIII century. a period of neglect, but in the XIV-XV centuries. Sarahs partially revived, and then again gradually declining.



20s. XI century.; Restructuring 1417/18, the sheikh Abul Shrine Fazl (d. 1025). The massive amount cubiform double domed shell. The facades are decorated with wall pointed arches, the chief has been allocated a small portal. In the XV century. attached strongly advanced peshtak, decorated with carved pieces (geometric motifs and inscriptions in the handwriting on the background of plant SOULTZ plexus) in the interior of the mausoleum radically altered cover: removed dodecahedron arches and the sails filled with stalactites.



1098 Mausoleum centric songs with three-arch articulation of facades and corner columns. The interior of the dome design is based on three-blade sails. The sails are plastered ganch. Inside and outside walls are textured masonry brick twin on one of the facades is an inscription with the date of the letter kufic construction of the mausoleum.