Southern Turkmenistan


Margiana, or "country Margush", with its capital in Gonur. This settlement is the largest of the three hundred excavated so far in the ancient delta of the river Murghab. In addition to the palace with its surrounding the Kremlin, four monumental temple buildings and pools, excavated a necropolis and a sacred area (temenos) with temple building in the center. A truly remarkable discovery gave the royal necropolis of the five tombs. These tombs belong to the last centuries of the III millennium BC, or otherwise - to postakkadskomu time, and belong to the first king of the ancient rulers of Margush, who founded the capital city Gonur.


GOK-Gumbez. XIV-XV centuries. Cemetery in the desert area, 70 km north of Bairam-Ali. Three of the mausoleum are the ensemble of the extended line of buildings. The most significant of them, MAUSOLEUM


ABUA-SAID MAUSOLEUM. Середина XI в. реставрация XIV в. Село Меана. Портально-купольное здание возведено над погребением мистика и поэта Абу-Саида Мейхене (ум.в 1051 г.).


TALKHATAN-BABA Talhatan-Baba and a mosque. Ok. Near the 1095 w / train station Kuibyshev. Three-span arched-dome building faces the windows of the main facade to the venerated tomb of Sheikh Abu Bakr Muhammad.