Tour A-023 Pskem Valley

Specialization  -  mountain trekking

                                second grade of difficulty

Duration  -  8 days

Best time to travel is May to October.                                                   

Location:This tour is held on western Tyan Shan, Pskem mountain range, Tashkent region of Republic of Uzbekistan.  


Pskem mountain range is part of  the south-western spurs of western Tyan Shan mountain system. From the junction place with the Talasskiy Alatau, where  range is the highest, it stretched to more than 120 km, dividing two biggest mountain rivers of the region – Chatkal and Pskem. These rivers flow together near the Charvak water reservoir and with the Ugam river form the Chirchik river which is the biggest tributary of  the Syr- Darya river. This range is high all along and its height smoothly goes down towards the south-west. Relative exceeding of the main crest over the valleys is 2500 m on average. The highest peaks of the range are: Beshtor (4299 m), Aktuyaulgen (4224 m), Tavalgan (3888 m), Piazak (3718 m).

                The Pskem river originates in the glaciers of  Talasskiy Alatau. The river gets its proper name at the place where its two main sources Maydantal and Oygaing flow together. Furthermore, deep river with the deep canyon cuts through the wide Pskem valley, stretching along the range of the same name to 40 km.

The Pskem valley is one of the most beautiful nature study corners of Uzbekistan with various flora and fauna. Climate in the mountainous valley in sharp contrast with hot and dry climate of plain part of Central Asian region , is mild with  abundance of  rainfalls. The average monthly temperature in July and August is + 28Co. Rainfalls in certain period are 1200-1500 mm and most of  which fall in winter. During spring and summer period most of rainfalls are in March and April.

In January average day temperature in the valley is  - 2 - 4 Co . Amidst  the wide desert and meadow areas of the Pskem valley there are orchards – apples-trees, apricot- trees, plum-trees, pear-trees grow there. Slopes of the valley are covered with shrubbery thickets on both sides.

Fauna of the valley consists of  wild boars, porcupines, bears, martens, marmots and tens of various kinds of birds as well. The Pskem valley is a wonderful place for carrying out fascinating mountain treks. 



Day 1.Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the Camp 1 located in the landscape gorge of Ispay on northern slope of  Pskem range (120 km, 4-4,5 hrs).Lunch en route. From the road up to the Camp 1 - 1100 m, the path lies by the Ispay settlement (3 km).

Day 2.Round trip to the sources of  the Ispay river. Lunch by the foot of  steep northern slope of  Piazak peak (2000m). Return to the Camp 1 (10 km, 5-6 hrs).

Day 3.Ascent to the nameless pass, height  is 2200 m. From the top of the pass unfold a  magnificent view of the Pskem valley and main summits of  next ranges. Descent the opposite slope of the pass, to the Kaptarkumish gorge. Lunch in the shady grove with apple trees. Trek along the narrow rocky gorge to the Camp 1 (14 km, 7-8 hrs).

Day 4.Walk along the Pskem river to the Camp 2 (1150 m). The path lies by several mountain settlements. Lunch on the bank of  the  small river Tepar (15 km, 6-7 hrs).

Day 5.After crossing the Pskem river, we go on moving along the Badaksay gorge to the upper lake. Camp 3, located in the birch grove at a height of  1800 m (12 km, 6-7 hrs).

Day 6. Steep ascent to foot of main peak of the AmirTimur gorge (3774 m), up to height of 2500 m. Descent to the Camp 3. Lunch. Go on descending along the gorge.  Festive dinner. Set the Camp 4 (15 km, 7-8 hrs). Festive dinner.

Day 7. Drive to Tashkent. Lunch en route. Check in a hotel. City tour with visiting Orient Bazaar. Farewell dinner.

Day 8. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Depart Tashkent.                                 



A comfortable bus for transfers to and from airport.   

A general-duty cross- country vehicle during mountain part of the tour for carrying of  base camp and baggage of  clients. 



In Tashkent – a hotel

On trek – equipped  base Camp with accommodation in tents (2 for a tent) 



3 meals a day in the cities

on trek – breakfast, dinner (hot course) 

lunch - dry ration, hot tee, coffee.


The price quoted for this programme includes the following:

visa invitation letter (visa authorization letter)

transfers to and from airport,

national guide (escort) speaking your native language

mountain guides (1 guide for 10 people)

license fees