Tour A-022 Trek along the Maydantal mountain range

Specialization  - mountain trekking
                               (second grade of difficulty)
Duration  - 8 days
Best time to travel is May to October
Location  - This tour is held on western Tyan Shan,
                    Tashkent region of  Republic of  Uzbekistan

Maydantal mountain range , a short, high spur of the Talasskiy Alatau which is a watershed of the Maydantal and Oygaing rivers leapt up on the right bank of the Oygaing river. Originating near Changtash peak this mountain range stretched towards  the South-West almost to 45 km. Its rocky crest ascends up to 4321m. More than 50 big and small glaciers of the range occupy almost a quarter of the whole icy area of the Pskem river. The climate of this region is typical to Western Tyan Shan mountains. Winter in the upper reaches of the Maydantal mountain range is cloudy, cold, snowy. Sometimes the temperature is 30 degrees below zero. In spring though a day teparature rises up to 15 degrees, the frosts by night are frequent. Summer begins in the mountains only in July and August. In the valleys during this period it is hot up to +30 degrees with less rainfall and it is cool in the slopes higher than 2000 m. In the highest areas the blanket of snow remains. Autumn in this region is cold and dry with fine weather. Regular frosts begin in mid September and snow falls in late October.
        Flora and Fauna have the clearly marked zone of distribution. The birch and poplar groves are along the river valleys. In the lower parts of  the slopes, in the stony areas there are berry bushes such as dogrose, barberry, black currant and others. There are fur trees in the open slopes.
Fauna of this region  mainly consists of marmots and kekliks. Bears are found as well. Wild rams graze near the glaciers. One can come across flocks of wild turkey-hens huddling together. The snow leopard is the king in this rocky and icy world.

Day1. Arrival in Tashkent. Meet at the airport. Drive to the region of  trekking. 180 km, 11-12 hours. (100 km along the  plain part of  the path, 80 km of  the path lies by the mountain valley of  Pskem –Oygaing rivers). Lunch en route. Camp1 (1500 m) located in the poplar grove on the confluence of  the Maydantal-Oygaing rivers in the region of the Karangitugay meteorological station.
Day2. Trek along southern slope of  the Maydantal mountain range to the Camp2, 2000 m (20 km, 7-8 hours). The path lies by the picturesque valley of the Oygaing river.